Kitchen Drawer Classics, Florian Weichsberger

Article ‘Kitchen Drawer Classics‘ on DECONTEXT by Florian Weichsberger for Current Obsession’s Munich Jewellery Week Paper 2019

In Florian Weichsberger’s Munich studio, next to a scalpel on a cutting mat, there are two small rectangular objects made of a material reminiscent of reconstructed mineral. One is a bar of translucent resin with rutilelike needles of white plastic bristle floating inside. The other is the nailbrush from which these bristles have been taken, their absence revealing neat rows of holes in its surface. For Florian Weichsberger, they are potential jewellery pieces in his new body of work DECONTEXT. Drawer knobs, paintbrushes, cloth hangers and potato peelers – we use them every day, and our eyes and hands no longer even notice them. []

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