Label (mini) by Morgane de Klerk

Contribution to photo essay Our Favorite Jewelry, April 2021 for Art Jewelry Forum

“The familiar feel of the flexible material and the bright colors reinforce the happy feeling this brooch gives me,” says Saskia van Es. “Because it’s so easy to put on, with its stitched-in magnet, this brooch quickly became a favorite. Morgane de Klerk’s background is not only in jewelry, but also in fashion. Polyester clothing labels are usually hidden, and this brooch is a play with public and private. The colorful pattern is designed by the artist, and then woven from polyester in a label factory. It’s a multiple and very affordable.” []

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Morgane de Klerk, Label (mini), from the Label series, 2018–present, brooch, polyester, cotton, magnet, 30 x 28 mm, photo courtesy of Saskia van Es