Have they left any stones unturned?

Review of LithoMania: the book and the exhibition in Berlin, running January 20–April 3, 2022 for Art Jewelry Forum

In the exhibition LithoMania, gemstone and jewelry students from Idar-Oberstein look from a distance at their primal material, the gemstone. They ask questions full of curiosity and criticality []

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Photo: Spread from LithoMania Design Lab #11, the book accompanying the exhibition of the same name. (Left photo) Cornelia Wruck, Idar-Oberstein Fundus, text by Gina Nadine Müller, translation: “Cupboard full of stones, large and small. I want you, you are all mine.” (Right photo) Katie Jayne Britchford, View of Idar-Oberstein, 2012