Jewelry That Raises (Too Many) Questions about the Body

Online article reviewing ‘Body Control’ which ran November 2, 2019–January 26, 2020 Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, the Netherlands for

Jewelry and fashion, worn on the body, can express concerns about issues in our society. It seems that, lately, many of these issues are about that body itself. A hairy skin ring, a brooch of cast labia, and many less explicit specimens are on show in the Netherlands. The exhibition Body Control assembles the current perspectives.

Curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren has a background in fashion. Body Control presents fashion and jewelry, made by almost 100 designers and contemporary jewelers from all over the world, together. She and her advisor, designer Frank Verkade, noticed that many young makers address significant issues: Is everyone granted equal freedom? []

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Photo: Exhibition view, Body Control, 2019–2020, overview with skin-print curtains, Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands, photo: Eva Broekema.