Made by, Worn by

Exhibition Review for Art Jewelry Forum.
Jewellery: Made By, Worn By, December 13, 2017–June 3, 2018 Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden

One of the most renowned Dutch museums of ethnology, the Volkenkunde, in Leiden, presents a feast for the eyes with its current big production. If you felt Médusa, in Paris, was a lot, that was just 400 pieces. Here, in Jewellery: Made By, Worn By, the total is one thousand.

To begin with, hundreds of pieces of jewelry were pulled out of storage, ranging from a Kundan Meena necklace from Bikaner, India, to Hombori marble upper armbands from Mali. The objects date from a range of historic periods up until the present. In addition to the ethnographic collection, the visitor is treated to many excellent contemporary pieces on loan from art and jewelry galleries. The lineup is long and manifold: Jorge Manilla, Sam Tho Duong, Florie Dupont, Florian Milker, Karl Fritsch, Esther Brinkmann, and Johanna Dahm, to name but a few. […]

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Photo: Exhibition overview, Jewellery: Made By, Worn By, photo: Saskia Kolff